Clinical experience in and around copenhagen

i am a german medical student in my 5th year of my studies. German students have to absolve a “practical year” in their final year. The year is divided into 3 trimesters each comtaining 4 months of practical training.
Since my boyfriend lives in Copenhagen i am interested in absolving one trimester in Copenhagen.
My interest is especially concentrating on pediatrics and anaesthesia. I have already absolved a 4 week clinical elective at Rigshospitalet in anaesthia 2 years ago. It was a wonderful experience and i got to do and see a lot of things but i remember it being quite tough to constantly make the doctors take notice of me to actually teach me something.
I was wondering if some of you had experiences in other hospitals in and around Copenhagen in the field of anaesthesia (but still with an intensive care unit) where the hospital might be smaller but the teaching is also good or maybe even better
My other interest in pediatrics is also quite big, thats why i havent really decided on what to do. Can you also recommend a hospital for pediatrics that might also have a Neonative Care Unit or an intensive care unit besides Rigshospital?
Thank you for your help and im sorry that i couldnt post this in Danish, i am learning but english is still much more fluently.
Take care, Laura

Hello Laura,
Now, I’m just starting my masters (hopefully) this autumn, but I have heard that Rigshospitalet are kinda big and busy and they don’t care too much about the students. Don’t know how true that really is, but everywhere one has to put an effort to make the doctors sort of notice you.

Anyways, there is Hvidovre hospital, close to city and it has about 5500 births every year thereby being the largest hospital in this field (they also brag about it). They have a Neonative Care Unit ( you might want to use Google Translate).

I’ve been in the Coronary Care Unit and it was just great with great Doc’s. It’s better if you follow the young doctors, as they tend to remember the feeling of being a young student. They often include you in the examination and stuff and also have more energy.

Well, that’s all I got for now, hope you’ll find it useful!

Thank you for your advidce. I will try my luck! As of now it seems that all hospitals are filled up with danish students so that the clinics dont take international students in. :frowning:

I don’t think the hospitals have as many students during june, july and august. Maybe also half of september cause of vacations.
I’d pick up my phone and give them a call and ask the Oberarzt responsible for education about a stay. They might begin saying “miah, well ummm” and that’s where you drop your sales talk and ask them to think about it. It’s like they tend to postpone students till later or just say no. But some are quite nice and ask you to drop in next day!

Otherwise you might want to try Næstved Hospital:

They have a NICU too, and so have Rigshospitalet, Halmstad and Helsingborg Hospital (in sweden, Helsingborg is closere to Copenhagen).