Kvinnens orgasme - har den en funksjon?

En spennede artikkel fra Psychology Today om kvinnens orgasme. Er den, som mannens brystvorter - helt ubrukelig - eller har den en funksjon :slight_smile:

http://www.psychologytoday.com/articles … 028&page=1

Fra artikkel:

Most recently, evolutionary psychologists have been exploring the proposition that female orgasm is a sophisticated adaptation that allows women to manipulate–even without their own awareness–which of their lovers will be allowed to fertilize their eggs.


o A woman’s capacity for orgasm depends not on her partner’s sexual skill but on her subconscious evaluation of his genetic merits.

o Women’s orgasm has little to do with love. Or experience.

o Good men are indeed hard to find.

o The men with the best genes make the worst mates.

o Women are no more built for monogamy than men are. They are designed to keep their options open.

o Women fake orgasm to divert a partner’s attention from their infidelities.