Moving to Denmark... Little help?

Hi guys!
I am studying medicine in Italy. I have always loved northern EU countries, so I would like to move to one of them as soon as I get my medical degree.
I am looking for information about your country, Denmark.
I was able to get some information on my own, but I would like to talk to someone who lives and studies medicine there.
I would need information about salaries: I have found before taxes salaries but I read you are an high taxed country, so it would be great if someone could help me understand better that. Moving from Italy to Denmark is a bit of a pain, I will need to learn another language from zero, so before I go, I need to understand if it is worth it. Salaries and cost of living are a big point to take into account.

I am interested in Pathology, so if someone has any information about pathology (not only about salaries), please reach out, I have questions for you.
More in general I would like to understand how does medicine work in Denmark.

You can answer to me here telling me how to contact you or you can send me an email to: [email protected]. com and l give you my whatsapp/Instagram name. I would prefer not to put them directly on here.

Thank you in advance to everyone!