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[size=4]Principles and Practice of Surgery [/size]
J.L.R. Forsythe, O.J. Garden, A.W. Bradbury


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Paperback: 606 pages
Publisher: Churchill Livingstone; 5 edition (11 Jun 2007)
Language English
ISBN-10: 0443101574

[quote]Book Description
Principles & Practice of Surgery is a popular, disease-based textbook of clinical surgery written for students and junior trainees. It is the surgical companion text to the renowned Davidson’s Principles & Practice of Medicine and is written by a new, primarily Edinburgh-based team of authors. A comprehensive, highly readable resource, it includes chapters on practical procedures and medico-legal problems and enables the reader to fully appreciate both the medical and surgical implications of diseases encountered on surgical wards.
Learning about specific diseases that are usually treated with surgery, as well as understanding the principles of managing surgical patients, is integral to the medical curriculum and an essential precursor to the study of operative surgery. The new 4th edition of Principles and Practice of Surgery, (formerly ‘Forrest’s’), presents a systematic approach to these key topics and familiarises students with surgical processes and protocols. This disease-based textbook is a surgical companion to the renowned Davidson’s Principles and Practice of Medicine, and is edited by an entirely new team of respected authorities in the field. Written as a complete, balanced text, it enables the reader to appreciate both the medical and surgical implications of diseases encountered on surgical wards. A completely new team of editors, along with a large number of new contributors, offer a current, up-to-date approach to the subject. Stronger links to the companion text, Davidson’s Principles and Practice of Medicine, give students a seamless method for cross-referencing relevant facts and ideas in general practice and surgery. More pediatric issues are highlighted throughout, making this edition a more complete and clinically useful volume. [/quote]

[quote]Reviewer: A reader from Oxford
This book is designed partially as a companion to Principles and Practice of Medicine. However, it is far superior - incredibly well written and clear. The first chapters cover pre- and post-operative care, including aspects such as anaesthesia, shock, transfusion and nutrition. Abdominal wall, gastrointestinal and hepatobiliary surgery is covered in detail, followed finally by chapters on surgical specialties including endocrine, thoracic, ENT and neurosurgery. As well as describing specific surgical treatments, the discussion of diseases is second to none, often much clearer than in medically-oriented textbooks. This is a must for all clinical medical students, not just those intending to specialise in surgery. [/quote]

Ny utgave kommer 27.juni 2007.

opdateret til 2007 udgaven

Nogen der har læst efter bogen?

Er pt på 12. sem. ÅU og leder efter en kirurgibog der dækker alle specialerne. Ortopædkirurgien er ikke nævnt i reviewet. Mangler det?.

Læser medicin efter: “Davidssons principle and practice of medicine” og er meget tilfreds med denne.

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Table of Contents
I. Principles of Surgical Care
Metabolic response to surgery
Principles of fluid and electrolyte balance
Transfusion of blood and blood products
Nutritional support in surgical patients
Infections and antibiotics
Medico-legal issues and consent
Principles of surgery for cancer
Trauma and multiple injury

II. The Operation
Pre-operative assessment and preparation
Anesthesia and the operation
Practical procedures and patient investigation
Post-operative care and complications
Day case surgery

III. Upper GI Surgery
Abdomen, abdominal wall and hernia
Acute abdomen and intestinal obstruction
Gastroduodenal disorders

IV. Hepatobiliary Surgery
Liver and biliary tract

V. Lower GI Surgery
Appendix and intestinal surgery
Anorectal conditions

VI. Surgical Specialties
Plastic and reconstructive surgery
Vascular surgery
Cardiothoracic surgery
Organ transplantation

Du må ha’ fat i Sneppen et al.! :smiley:

Jeg har bl.a. læst efter P and P of Surgery (samtidigt med basisbogen og Bailey’s and Love’s short practice of surgery. Førstnævnte vinder klart på pædagogikken, men mangler dybde og egner sig derfor bedst til at få et overblik over basal kirurgi på studiet. Ortopæd kan man så læse i Sneppen eller skadestuekirurgi.

drgonzo må have copy/pastet forkert - PPS indeholder også orthopædkirurgi:

[quote]Section 5 Surgical specialties

* Plastic and reconstructive surgery
* The breast
* Endocrine surgery
* Vascular and endovascular surgery
* Cardiothoracic surgery
* Urological surgery
* Neurosurgery
* Transplantation
* Ear, nose and throat
[b]* Orthopaedics[/b][/quote] … 8&n=266239

Touche. Jeg har vist kigget på fjerde udgave.

Anyhoo, så bliver den for tynd en kop te at læse o-kir efter - synes jeg. Ihvertfald for en stræber som dig, Niemann. :wink: Bogen er vist kun ca. 600 sider i alt, og med hovedvægten lagt på andre emner, levner det ikke meget plads til ortopæderne. :slight_smile: