Procedures in getting licensed in Denmark

Hi, I’m a Danish International Medical student studying abroad in Egypt (currently in third year) and planning to practice medicine in Denmark, but I don’t know any of the proper procedures in getting licensed in Denmark after I graduate as an International Medical Graduate. ANY helpful information would greatly be appreciated.

What are the licensing exams required for a Danish medical student that has finished studying medicine abroad in Egypt to able to practice medicine in Denmark???

Is there any way to do my year of Internship in Denmark instead of Cairo?

Are there any programs available where I, as a current med student, can do clinical observership in Danish Hospitals?

Mange spoergsmaal, haaber der er nogen der kan hjaelpe, valgte at skrive paa engelsk da det maaske ville hjaelpe nogle der havde det svaert med dansk, saa de kunne hjaelpe med deres erfaringer.

TAK PAA FORHAAND :slight_smile:

du kan finde noget info på