Chances of getting in to medical school in DEN

Hi everyone,

I’m writing this in English as I am not fluent in Danish even though I understand it. I am interested in applying to medical school in Denmark. I am from the Nordics and speak Swedish, which would enable me to study there in Danish. I only am uncertain on whether or not I would be able to get in to med school in Denmark. My karaktergennemsnit is 10,3. I know this would have been enough to at least some universities in the previous years, but does anyone have any guesses on if I am likely to get in? Mange tusind tak!

Vent og se, og du kan altid forsøge med kvote 2. En pige på mit hold er svensker og ser ud til at klare sig fint.

I will say 100% chance if you have an average of 10,3.

Just search all university’s especially Aalborg they always have an average of less than 10,3.