Help, Im lost!

Dear colleagues!

First, let me introduce myself: I`m Lukas and I study medicine at the medical university in Innsbruck, Austria. This semester I am doing an ERASMUS exchange in Copenhagen. So far i can just say that it might be the coolest town I have ever been to but university has not started yet… and to be honest I am a bit overwhelmed and confused with the upcoming events. i just received an E-mail for the 9th semester about the clinical placements so forth and so on… I guess you got that too. My problem is: With my not existing danish skills I probably just understood every second/third word or so: thats about nothing!The international office told me that I am enrolled at the 9th semester just for the Pharmacology/sociology Course at the beginning of the semester. well so far so good. BUT where is the lecture hall, do I have to subscribe/enroll or anything else for this course (what about the exam? is there any?). After this I should continue with the clinical rounds at Rigshospitalet for the 7th semester but I did not yet receive any information about that. Is there anything still to come? Since I received the mail from the 9h semester including all information about Gentofte Hospital, maybe I do my rounds there? Thats it for now but I am sure there will be a lot more questions to come… :slight_smile:

I guess there might be other exchange students interested in these matters as well… unfortunately no one informed us about this Forum. I found it by accident. Someone should talk to the International office and forward the link to all other medical students from foreign countries.

Thanks for your answers in advance!

Welcome to Denmark, and Copenhagen.
Look here: (the student guidence) (more student guidence)
Basicly it says:
Onsdag (Wednesday) 26/8 (the date)
0900 - 1000 (phone hours)
1000 - 1300 (guidence hours)
Theis Skovsgaard (guidence coulslor name)
Medicin (subject: Medicine)

Contact information:
mail: [email protected]
Phone: +45 2875 7089

Room: 9.1.33a

I would suggest that you bring all of your stuff (papers) and talk to then, and get guided.
Also proberly talk to your Eramus contact.

svend gundestrup

Hallo Lukas :slight_smile:
ja, ich kenne schon dein Problem, hier ist alles auf dem Nett, jede Plan, etc.
du kannst auf SIS (Student Information System) schauen, da gibt’s viel info.
9. semester:
ist aber auf Dänisch… mit Google Translate geht’s sicher schon.

Hier ist dein unterrichtsplan:
Zuerst “medicin” wählen, dann dein Semester und Klasse/hold, “liste” und dann “efterårssemesteret uge 31-04”
Wenn du wählst “se skema” bekommst du die ganze Plan für dein Semester.
Die Abkürzungen machen leider kein Sinn, z.B.
Me09-E-MedSoc/F/01 F: Folkesundhedens demografi Me09-E-Kursus i medicinsk sociologi G-Fl ma 31 aug 2009 8:15 9:00 Aud-LU-Lundsgaard Holstein, Bjørn Evald
Bedeutet das du in Panum die “Lundsgaard” Hörsaal finden muss… Hier ist es unbedingt notwendig deine
Kollegen zu fragen wo und wie du diese Hörsal findest, weil einige sind schwer zugänglich.

Ich kann auch MOK empfählen (die studenten-zeitschrift), die haben aber Urlaub bis 2.9.

Viel Spass in Kopenhagen!!! :smiley: