Summer practice


Hej :slight_smile:
Where I could find the list of clinical skills required to learn for the summer practice after the 10. semester (maybe also 8.)?
I am studing med outside DK, but probably I will come up north to DK for my summer practice, so I am wondering if the program is the same :slight_smile:

Tak :slight_smile:


Where are you from, what is you want to study (not sure what you mean by summer practice!?!) and where/which university will you attend?


Jeg kommer fra Moldova (the country where the guys that are singing “Numa Numa (dragostea din tei) song are from)” … :slight_smile:
I am studing General Medicine now (10. semester) :doc: and each summer we are sent to different hospitals to learn different skills. Oficially we are supposed to get some patients, examine them, put the right diagnosis, treat them and many other things … but unoficially we are doing all the paper-work etc. :roll: :slight_smile:
I will be in Nordjylland - Vendsyssel sygehus. But I contacted directly the hospital and arranged with them all the things.

Do you also have this clinical “lessons” ??? and if yes, what do you do usually?


Ok, this helps a bit. (lol somehow the numa song is what people know :lol: )
First of all, the semesters are different from university to university, however this shouldn’t matter too much, if
you are staying at a hospital - with no involvement from a university.
Usually students bring their own logbooks from their native university, but if you
need a danish one, I can only offer those from Copenhagen:
As I said, this is from Copenhagen, and therefore not applicable in Vendsyssel. But it will give you some idea
of which skills we are to learn at different stages.

I think you will have no problem getting patient contact, usually students can do the routine checkup, and maybe
a tentative diagnosis. You will see. I must however advise that you learn danish, and fast! Vendsyssel isn’t exactly
the english speaking centre of the world. If you want patient contact, danish is a must!

I am confused by one term you use: general medicine. Do you mean general practice (in a small office) or internal
medicine (in a hospital)?


Tusind tak :slight_smile:
In Moldova we choose to study general practice or internal medicine only after 6 years of completed general medical studies. Totally it takes 10 years (6+4) to be a specialist in one of those two.
As I see, most of the skills required to learn are the same, but I guess in DK students to learn them :v: , but in Moldova - neeeeej :cross:
Really like the part: Perform - ear flushing on fellow student :smiley:
I am working now on improving my danish, learned a little bit meanwhile working as a volunteer in DK :slight_smile: It took me 6 months to start understand danish :slight_smile: now is getting better :slight_smile:

Tak og kan du have en god dag :slight_smile:


sing that famous Moldovan song for the patients then you will get more closer to them and make good anamnesis without much Danish knowledge:-)


haha :lol: Nemlig! :bash:
at least heart / lung sounds are the same everywhere :slight_smile: